मेरा डाइट प्लान – Easy and Simple To Get Started – By Seema


As we all know, to lose weight we need to change our diet frequently in around every 15 days. So I shared here one of my starting diet plan for weight loss, which helped me to feel light and reducing 2-3 kg’s. That’s simple diet to get started, including Chapati, dal and sabji, which is Indian’s Staple food. You can use Rice instead of Wheat roti in limited quantity.


Morning – A Detox Drink

Before Exercise – one Fruit

Breakfast – Sprout Salad

2 hours after Breakfast – Lauki Juice

Before 20 mins Lunch – 1 glass water

Lunch – 1 Chapati, sabji aur 1 bowl dahi

After 20 minutes lunch – 1 green tea

After 2 hours of lunch – Vegetable salad (like Cucumber and Tamatar)

Dinner between 6-7pm – 1 roti and dal

8.30PM – Vegetable Soup

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You should change the diet in every 15 days, to know food and drinks options,
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Know how can you make your own diet

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