5 DIET MYTHS Keeping You From Getting a FLAT STOMACH Flat Belly Secret for Women!

Your flat stomach secret

If you're trying to lose weight or get a flat stomach, you've probably read so much conflicting information that you're totally confused by now! While exercise is key to getting a flat belly, nutrition is even more important. But there are lots of diet and weight loss myths out there that can lead you astray.

In this video, we tell you the top 5 diet myths that could be preventing you from getting the flat abs that you want. First up, we should all know that there's no perfect diet that will lead to weight loss or a flat stomach for everyone. Most people skip from diet to diet trying to lose weight unsuccessfully, looking for that one perfect diet…well, it doesn't exist!

Next, most people believe you have to give up the foods you love to lose weight…not true! It's more about pairing of foods and combining of your meals and combining it with exercise to cheap your goals. Next up, think supplements, either natural or herbal can help you lose weight? Don't waste your money. They are not necessary, and are just a gimmick! Diet and light foods are even worse…the companies that make them would go out of business if you stopped buying them. They don't work and are another money pit.

Finally, think you have to count calories to lose weight? Wrong. Calorie counting is at best very inaccurate. It might help for a week or two when you're first starting out to help you get a reference point, but thereafter, it's largely inaccurate, just a pain, and also doesn't work well for weight loss.

Avoid all of these diet myths and get on a fitness program with a nutrition plan that you can live with. Eat the foods you love, eat more frequently, never feel hungry and never count calories or weigh portions with Athlean-XX for Women.

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