How I Lost Weight Fast on Vegan Diet!


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About this video:

How did I get that 1300-1400 number?

Here's my info: I'm 31, 5'2.5, and i'm around 115 lbs. My BMR is actually 1300. I also have high estrogen, slow metabolism, food allergies, slow digestive system (with IBS), and a family history of hypothyroidism. I have never lost weight easily, unless I create a caloric deficit through diet or exercise.

I calculated my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate – Calories burned at rest) with the Harris–Benedict equation, you can use an online BMR calculator to do this. Then factor in your daily activity level (track each activity by burn calories – ie. biked hills 1 hour = 600 calories, or multiply your BMR by 1.2-1.9 (low activity-highly active) to figure out how much you burn every day.

Nutritionists and Personal Trainers often suggest creating a "caloric deficit" to lose weight, whether that's through exercise or diet.

This article suggests 300-500 calorie deficit per day for athletes for weight loss –

This Mayo Clinic article suggests 500 cut/burn PER DAY…and you think I'm extreme?!)

Why these numbers? Because there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.

Burn/cut 100 calories per day = lose 1lb per month
Burn/cut 300 calories per day = lose 1 lb in 10 days
Burn/cut 500 calories per day = lose 1 lb in a week

*****When I say "got back from my trip" I was talking about a TWO MONTH trip. Not a one week vacation. losing 3 pounds per month is not an insane weight loss, and actually equates to around 290 calorie deficit per day (give or take)*****

For those saying "I eat 2000-3000 in calories per day" you may be much more active than me, please also consider your height, age, hormonal balance and metabolism.

Hormones and metabolism aside, walking burns around 200 calories per hour. If you walk at your job for 2 hours, go to the supermarket for a half hour, clean your house for 1 hour, do laundry for a half, even prepare meals for 1 hour – You probably burned 1000 before you even walked into a gym!

Let's say your BMR is 1400, that means you would burn 2400 calories that day with those activity calories included, so if you were to only consume 1300, you'd have a 1000 DEFICIT – which is SUPER high and not healthy for a person with that BMR. SO on a day like that, you could just go to the gym and do a light workout and burn 200 calories and EAT 2400 and still lose weight in the long term, OR you just eat 2000 not even go to the gym you'll still have a 200 calorie deficit. This is WHY you can eat the calories you do, or you sit like me most of the week, but have a ton of muscle or a very very fast metabolism.

I know some fruitarians preaching high calories and doing nothing – that consider "nothing" going for 1-3 hour bike rides every day, burning 650-800 calories per hour (depending on intensity) – and act like they are surprised they lose weight on their diet! If you burn over 1000 calories per day just biking, and you do some errands and house work, you're likely around 1500-2000 calories burned per day on TOP of your BMR – which means you could literally eat 2800-3400 calories per day and not gain a pound..

If that fruitarian is a muscular guy (like my 30 y/o fiance), at 5'11 and 180lbs, his BMR is 1900, he burns around 1000 through his daily life routine, and could burn an extra 1300+ calories biking two hours, he'd need to eat around 4200 to maintain his weight and eat more to gain weight/build muscle.

Call me crazy for believing science, nutritionists, and using a formula.

PS- I personally don't believe there is a *one size fits all* calorie count for ALL WOMEN, especially since we have different genetics, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal issues, response to glucose, activity levels etc. I feel everyone should have an understanding of their BMR (cals burned at resting state) and how many cals they burn during daily activities before cutting their calories.