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In this video I have shown 4 simple Indian smoothies that you can easily make it at home with easily available ingredients. They are super delicious and super healthy. All the 4 simple Indian smoothies or breakfast smoothies are good for your body, good for weight loss(weight loss drink), healthy skin. I used fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds to make all the 4 simple Indian smoothies more healthy n delicious.
All the weight loss drink recipes or breakfast smoothies are listed below. You can increase or decrease the taste as per your like.If you want to make it more sweet add few dates, jaggery or honey.
I categorized these 4 Simple Indian Smoothies | Breakfast smoothie | Weight loss drink according to their colours.

(1) Purple Smoothie

Chia seeds
Honey (Optional)

(2) Yellow Smoothie

Honey (Optional)

(3) Green Smoothie

Pumpkin Seeds
Honey (Optional)

(4) Red Smoothie

Flax Seeds
Honey (Optional)

Hope you enjoy the video and get some ideas from it.

Do try this at home and let me know by commenting below.

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