10 Lies You Still Believe About 6 Pack Abs

Weight Loss DietThese are the top 10 lies you still believe about ​how to get six pack abs. If your trying to get abs fast whether it be at home or in the gym these are the best 6 pack ab diet workout & exercise tips for beginners and for those of you that are advanced. Learn how to build abs without much gym equipment and start seeing results now. ​
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Unfortunately as I'm sure many of you already know there are a lot of myths misconceptions and flat-out lies in the fitness industry especially when it comes to the topic of six pack abs. Today I'm going to touch on everything that you need to know to separate fact from fiction when it comes to abs even highly of Whitted topics like how much of an impact genetics play in your ability to get abs and by learning what's real and what's not you'll be able to focus your efforts on things that actually work allowing you to see a shredded midsection in no time. So let's start with the number one lie that's told again and again the idea that there are certain foods and exercises that will burn your belly fat and help you see your abs faster. This is completely untrue due to the fact that there is no way to spot reduce. This means you can't just pick an area of your body that you would like to lose fat from. In fact due to the way that gaining body fat and fat loss works you're more likely to store fat in your midsection first and lose fat from that area last because your body prefers to burn fat from distal areas like your hands and your face before it starts burning fat from proximal areas like your belly. There's a large list of foods and supplements all over the Internet that uninformed people believe can help burn specifically belly fat such as broccoli almonds beans all kinds of Miracle fat burning creams and the list can go on and on but the only way to burn the fat on top of your abs is by burning the fat from your whole body. Eating healthy food will help you do this but there is no healthy food that targets specifically belly fat. Sanding with exercise in fact Exercises like barbell squats will help you burn more belly fat then exercises like crunches. again you cannot Target fat burn. Let's move on to number 2 you cannot isolate just your lower abs or just your upper abs. There are multiple layers of muscles in your abdominal region but when most people are talking about abs they're referring to the rectus abdominis which is the external six-pack looking muscle. That rectus abdominis is one layer of muscle meaning that one layer of muscle both the lower part of it and the upper part have the same insertion points. This means that when you're doing lower ab exercises you're still hitting your upper abs. And the same goes vice versa. There are certain exercises that put more pressure and stress on one part of your rectus abdominis over the other but there is no way to absolutely isolate lower from upper. Exercises that are really great for your lower abs tend to also be really great for your upper abs. Next is the idea that if you have a nicely defined six-pack it automatically means that you have a strong core. And if you have a poorly-defined midsection it means you have a weak core. The strength and functional capacity of your core has very little to do with what it looks like from the outside. Like I said there are multiple layers to your abdominal muscles. The very outside layer is the rectus abdominis but there are deep layers like the transverse abdominis for example as well as other deep tissue muscles that are used for stabilization. Stabilization of the trunk area is one of the primary functions of the core and it's one of the main factors that influences core strength. The rectus abdominis is mostly responsible for trunk flexion while the deeper tissue abdominal muscles are more responsible for the stabilization. So you can have very little rectus abdominis definition whether that be because you don't have a bulky enough rectus abdominis or because you have extra body fat on your stomach but that doesn't change the fact that you can still have plenty of core strength. There are many examples of athletes and especially Fighters that don't exactly have the nicest most defined ABS but it's clear that they have plenty of core strength. This actually leads me right into my next abdominal myth and it stems from the saying that abs are made in the kitchen. It seems that a lot of magazines and experts believe that everyone has a beautiful set of abs and if they're not showing they're under a layer of fat. This is simply untrue for many reasons. Don't get me wrong diet is extremely important for burning enough body fat to be able to see your abs. If you do happen to have abs under a layer of body fat No matter how nice of a six-pack you have if it's covered with a layer of fat due to