Intermittent Fasting/ 5:2 Diet & Red Velvet Smoothie | 1200 calories

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Updated What I Eat In A Day

DISCLAIMER: Everyone needs a different amount of calories per day and this is an example of what I ate during the 5:2 diet/ Intermittent fasting for my height and weight.The last thing I want to do is promote under eating so before everyone is quick to criticise here is more information on the 5:2 diet and how to safely lose weight should you wish to find out more as this has really proven to have some amazing results:

What I typically eat on a low calorie day. I typically have 1-2 low calories days a week and eat normally the other days – this is called Intermittent Fasting or the 5:2 diet and I have found it really helpful with weight loss. I do NOT exercise on these days!
However I have adjusted it slightly as I've found that 500 calories is just not enough for me on fast days so I upped it to 1200 and the days I've found best for low calories days are Monday and Friday as I tend to eat more on the weekend so this gives my digestive system a break and time to balance out the calories.

Calculator to find out your daily calorie requirements:


Thank You For Watching.
I am not a nutritionist in any way – this is just what works for me.

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