Reducing Belly Fat Naturally

weight loss for belly fat

Reducing Belly Fat By Natural Way

Excess amounts of Belly Fat can be a bane for any health-conscious individual especially a woman. The most important thing that any individual who is looking forward to reducing belly fat should do is to summon up great willpower. After going through this article you would be able to appreciate the effect of genuine dietary habits and exercises that can help you accomplish the goal of reducing belly fat in no time.

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Eat 4-5 servings of yogurt every day:

Yogurt is potent filler that is rich in calcium. It plays a major role in reducing belly fat by filling your stomach so that there is no space left for any of the junk foods or high-calorie desserts. The surveys performed on people who followed a diet that was mainly based on yogurt recipes affirm the fact that it is possible to lose up to 4cm of abdominal fat in just 15 days.

Practice the plank exercise:

This exercise not only helps you in reducing belly fat but also in building the muscle strength of your forearms, hips, and back. In order to perform a planning exercise, you should position yourself as you would for a push-up exercise. Make sure that your hands and elbows are touching the floor beneath your chest you should now prop yourself up using just your elbows and toes while concentrating on holding your back in a flat position. Try to hold this position for as long as you can while maintaining a flat back, then rest.

The timing of the last meal of the day:

The timing of every meal consumed during a day matters when you’ve been looking forward to reducing belly fat, especially the last one. The last meal is supposed to be consumed at least 2 hours before the time you regularly go to sleep so that by the time you hit the bed the food contents would have got digested. There are many people who follow the standard last meal time of 8 pm.

Practice yoga on a regular basis:

Yoga is an age-old exercise regimen that has been known for rejuvenating the mind and maintaining the salubrious state of the body. There are many ‘Asanas’ of Yoga that can be practiced on a regular basis.

Scissor exercise:

This exercise would require you to lie with your back towards the mat on the ground. Position your arms on the sides and raise your one leg and as you do so make sure that the toes are pointing upwards. Breathe in so that abdomen becomes flat whenever you lower a leg and exhale when you raise them.

MUFA rich foods:

Like almonds, olives and dark chocolate also help you by burning the belly fat in no time.

Drink water:

The minimum daily recommended amount is 8 glasses of water per day, and even if it’s hot, humid or you sweat a lot. It not only helps to suppress your appetite, but it also helps your body metabolize fats better and burn off more calories. A body that’s well hydrated has lower concentrations of sodium and ions that discourage the buildup of excess fats in your body. And as you drink more fluids your body won’t retain as much excess water which results in a lower weight when you weigh yourself.

The sugary thing should be avoided:

Sugary beverages such as fruit juices with added sugar and soft drinks should be avoided as much as possible because they contain excess sugars, instead substitute plain water whenever you can and you’ll be cutting down on hundreds of calories per day. Also, try drinking a glass of water before and during meals. It will help you to feel fuller and help you to keep from overeating. Excess calories are much more likely to be stored by the body as fat.

Eat before you get hungry:

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Another great tip for losing weight is to eat before you get ravenously hungry or the tendency will be to overeat. And keep in mind that your belly sends a signal to your brain when it’s satisfying and it’s had enough to eat, but that the signal is delayed. In other words, the food that you eat isn’t immediately the digested by your body, it takes a few minutes for that satisfied feeling to reach your brain. So push yourself away from the table before you get stuffed, you can always go back for more later on.

Increase your physical activity:

Changing your dietary habits alone will have positive effects on your weight, but only to a certain extent, the results will slowly begin to diminish as your body adapts to the diet and eventually you have to go to extremes to keep losing weight. You can counteract that by increasing your physical activity by working out and exercising more. Combining dieting and exercise has proven to be a very effective combination when it comes to weight loss. And exercising also helps to counteract some of the negative effects of going on a diet such as a slowed metabolism and lack of energy.

Set easily reachable weight loss goals – Don’t go too fast:

This is where a lot of overweight people are setting themselves up for failure when it comes to taking off the weight. They set unrealistic weight loss goals and when they aren’t met they get frustrated, discouraged, lose their motivation and wind up giving up in their efforts to lose weight. By setting easily reachable goals and not going to fast you’re giving your body the chance to slowly adjust itself to the changes in your dietary habits and weight, thus making it much more likely that losing the weight will become permanent. Many people are successful at taking off the weight, but in the long run, slowly start to regain the weight when they return to “normal eating” again.

Getting rid of the belly fat not only helps you in looking smarter but also renders a good posture to your back muscles that can prevent the onset of future back troubles.