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Hi, I’m Dave. In this video I will tell how healthy smoothies recipes for weight loss help me to lose weight, feel well and look great.

Because I had gained 30 pounds, I had no energy, felt lousy and hated what I saw when I looked in a mirror.

A friend advised me to check out the Red Detox Smoothie Factor Program.

I bought the program, drank the delicious smoothies, was never hungry and lost 15 pounds in 14 days. I felt great and was no longer mirror shy.

The program not only took me through 14 days of great tasting smoothies, it guided me through how to prep for the program and provided me with a 21 day guide for what to do after the 14 days of red smoothies to continue to lose weight.

To learn how Red Detox Smoothies Factor can help you click on the link below.

Thanks for your time.

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