Tasty Fat Loss recipe Chicken Majestic Andhra style (Ketogenic Diet Recipe) in Marathi

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Ketogenic weight loss

Chicken is a great first class animal source of Protein. I always like the legs part of the Chicken because it is tasty and also fatty.
The breast part is boneless no doubt, but it becomes chewy and rubbery.
This dish "Chicken Majestic" , is a hyderabadi dish liked in Andhra Pradesh of India and southern parts of Karnataka.
i just love the dish and i have tried the same dish in a Ketogenic way keeping the fats maximum, the protein moderate and the carbs to the minimum (very low) and its turned out exceedingly amazing.
Try it out to feel the taste and change in your body the Ketogenic way.
Macros for the Recipe
Fats = 110 gms.
Proteins = 90 gms.
Carbs = 13 gms.