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Hey, guys – Thomas here, and today I'm breaking down the best and worst fruits for burning off that stubborn belly fat and achieving the six pack abs you deserve. I want to first start off with a bit of the science behind this all, then we'll get to the fruits you'll need to steer clear of versus the ones you should be eating.

0:29 – Fructose Metabolism – Fructose doesn't break down the same as traditional glucose. Only the liver utilizes fructose.

I'm going to break these fruits down into 3 categories – Good, Neutral, & Bad. So, let's get right to it:

Good Fruit #1 – 1:00 – Avocado – Avocados have only 1 gram of fructose per cup.

Good Fruit #2 – 1:24 – Cranberries – Cranberries have only 4 grams of fructose per cup and contain anthocyanidins (helps rid the body of bad bacteria in your gut).Take raw, non-juice drink cranberries and sweeten them yourself with stevia.

In fact, cranberries are one of the key superfoods I take daily, along with 12 other superfoods that work to detox the body and rid it of excess body fat.

If you want to learn more about how to start incorporating these superfoods and start detoxing, just go to now to watch a free video I just posted.

Good Fruit #3 – 2:30 – Lemons – Pectin found in lemon is an essential source of fiber that breaks down and moves fat out of the body.

Neutral Fruits – 3:23 – Blueberries & Strawberries:

Blueberries have 14 grams of fructose per cup, however, contain BNDF that helps support the survival of neurons and encourages the growth of new neurons and synapses.

Strawberries have 7-9 grams of fructose per cup and are a great low-carb diet food.

Bad Fruit #1 – 4:29 – Bananas – Bananas have about 20 grams of fructose per cup. Don't believe the hype over potassium in bananas – one avocado has more potassium than a bundle of bananas.

Bad Fruit #2 – 4:47 – Grapes – Grapes have about 20 grams of fructose per cup as well. Due to their shape and size, it's way too easy to eat a lot of grapes that have all that fructose your liver will have trouble breaking down.

Bad Fruit #3 – 5:10 – Apples – Apples contain about 25 grams of fructose per apple. Apple skin is the healthiest part of the fruit, but unfortunately, that's one of the most common things people don't eat with apples.

5:37 – Grehlin regulates homeostasis in the body, keeping you satisfied.

There you have it, guys, a break down of how fructose from the fruits you're eating actually affects your fat loss and getting your body closer to the six pack abs you want.

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