What Is The Best Diet For Weight Loss? Keto | Plant-based | Calorie Counting | Mediterranean

Ketogenic weight loss

What Is The Best Diet For Weight Loss? Keto, Mediterranean, Calorie Counting, or Plant-Based. If you are wondering, “What should I eat to lose weight?” This video will help you decide what is the best diet to lose weight? The keto diet for weight loss vs. the plant-based diet for weight loss vs. calorie counting for weight loss vs. Research shows that The Ketogenic Diet, Plant-Based Diet, Mediterranean Diet and Calorie Counting are all effective for weight loss. Today I'll help you answer the question, "How to pick the best diet for me?" Of course, I'm talking about a lifestyle not a quick fix short-term diet. I'm not talking about what is the best diet pill, but what is the best diet for humans.

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Each of the following diets or lifestyles: low calorie, keto, Mediterranean, plant-based and intermittent fasting create a calorie deficit. Research has shown that there is no special "fat loss formula", but different meal patterns to create and manage a calorie deficit.

Note: This is general information not to replace individualized medical advice from a doctor or health care provider.